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2ello is a registered trademark owned by Magnolia Trade srl, focused on the production and marketing of products in the ICT sector . Our line dedicated to data transmission products offers a complete range of copper and optical fiber components useful for the construction of network infrastructures in the DATA CENTER, ENTERPRISE AND AUTOMATION areas . 2ello products offer a universal and compatible design , compliant with international standards for applications in data transmission, audio and video. The 2ello solutions are able to meet all the needs of professional ICT operators, ensuring reliability and product quality. All the products 2ello respect the European directive RoHS 2002/95 / EC.

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Fiber optic cables

They find important applications in telecommunications, medical diagnostics and lighting technology.
These are flexible, immune to electrical disturbances and the most extreme atmospheric conditions, and not very sensitive to temperature variations.

Optical braces

The fundamental element of fiber optic networks are the connections: their quality directly affects the reliability of the system itself. The use of even one unsuitable shoulder can cause inefficiency or interruption of service.

Optical drawers

The optical or patchpanel drawers are used for terminating fiber-optic cables inside racks (cabinets). The removable optical drawer is a product suitable for connecting and terminating optical cables inside rack cabinets.


Our accessories are specifically designed for perfect maintenance and care of fiber